Experience the Microsoft Cloud

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Man is a complex machine and incredibly good at using his processing unit (brain) to process information. But the brain is much better when it receives information from its sensors.

You can read Microsoft 365 descriptions and try to understand what s behind the functions and concepts. But it is much easier to experience them.

The cloud makes it possible. On the one hand there is always the way to create a Microsoft 365 tenant , but there is also the opportunity to experience it without investment.

Entry into Microsoft s demo Entry into Microsoft s demo

At transform.microsoft.com you log in with your LinkedIn account and you can use various tools to evaluate Microsoft 365 for your company. Including the IT Roadmap, where you can further secure your Microsoft 365 investment, by using functions purposefully, an ROI calculator and the “world of experience” which I want to write about here.

Interessensgebiete in Microsoft 365 Interessensgebiete in Microsoft 365

By choosing your own interests or challenges, you can put together a program. These are the “Use Cases” that can be experienced using Windows and Office 365. Microsoft creates a demo environment within seconds and populates it with users, applications, data and collaboration vessels.

You now have a complete Windows in the browser , a user and a variety of applications that are already set up on this demo Office 365. In addition to this environment you can see instructions on how your own interests can be supported step-by-step. You can go through these steps, but also try things freely in Office 365 and Windows.

Pretty great because the head understands what he can grab.

I made a short screencast without sound to demonstrate the user interface: