Running Microsoft iOS Applications on an M1 Mac

1 min read

With the introduction of the M1 processors for Apple Macs, there came the possibility to run iOS applications on your Mac. Would that allow users to use Microsofts Office applications on their Mac? And if so, would those apps respect App Protection policies that a company defines?

The installation of iOS apps on Macs is straightforward. A good tutorial can be found on the site of document tool creator Readdle.

Application developers can define if their applications should run on Mac, as there are some limitations, which might reflect badly on the users impression of an app. The Office applications, like Teams, Outlook, or OneDrive are not available with this method. Understandably, as Microsoft offers native Mac apps. As with most things, there used to be simple workarounds, but as of now, Apple seems to have pulled the plug on the easy ones.

So, currently, there seem to be no risks for your IT estate on this front.

Maybe time to do some retests on the “Android apps on Windows 11” front.